Name: Black Tokyo Horizon
Brewed By: BrewDog, Mikkeller, Nogne o (triple collaboration)
Style: Stout (a blend of each breweries’ signature stouts)
ABV: 15-17%
Country: UK/Denmark/Norway
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In 2010 Brewdog teamed up with pals Mikkeller and Nogne-o to collaborate on a very special blend of their signature stouts – Tokyo, Black and Dark Horizon respectively. The result is a complex beer with an incredible spectrum of flavours. This special brew has a high alcohol content, a higher than average price tag and a limited release. This is not your average beer though, and is only brewed every so often and so the gravitas of this beer is emphasized by the presentation box (like that of special whiskies). The simple design incorporates the three breweries logos and a colour scheme that mirrors the blackness of the beer and boldness of the concept and flavours alike. Currently for sale now, check out Brew Dog and pick up a bottle.