REVIEW: Wild Beer Co.- Modus Operandi

Name: Modus Operandi
Brewed By:Wild Beer Co
Style: Old
ABV: 7%
Country: UK

Every so often I drink a beer that makes me go a bit giddy, not because of the alcohol content (usually), but because it’s so flippin’ tasty that I want to shout about it and do a little dance to celebrate. This is one of those beers. See me dance. Why is it so good? It’s a barrel-aged, multi-wild yeast driven, complex take on the Old style. It pours a deep, rich red (think mahogany or dark auburn), it’s smooth, it’s fruity with a slight sourness (like a wonderfully rich cherry pie with a drizzle of chocolate sauce) and it takes on that woody oak from the barrels that ties it all together. It’s a full bodied masterpiece. Serve with roasted meats instead of wine and then do a little dance.

modus operandi colla