REVIEW: Watt Dickie

Name: Watt Dickie
Brewed By: BrewDog
Style: IPA 
ABV: 35%
Country: UK


I’ve just been knocked back, my mouth torn in two and I’m enjoying it. No I’m not a masochist at a fight club, I’m sat by a roaring log fire , surrounded by friends and the stunning scenery of the Scottish Highlands. It’s the back-end of Christmas Day, I’m relaxing after the trials of cooking a turkey the size of France and I’m sipping a Watt Dickie by BrewDog – their 35%, ‘frozen’ beer. Spirit. Beer-spirit. Spirited beer? Whatever. This is a flavour bomb.

A smooth, syrupy pour of a highly hopped, almost velvety brew that has all the flavours and nuances of a traditional beer but all the textural (and abv) qualities of a spirit. Some say it’s just another BrewDog novelty- especially in it’s small, full of attitude, almost apothecary styled bottle-  but regardless of whether you think BrewDog are the mutts nuts or just plain bollocks, this brew needs to be tried. It’ll pull you in all manner of directions as your tastebuds adjust but as you ease into it, it’s a fun ride to be on.

It may have been the context of the day on which I initially tried this beer, but I’ll have it again, happily- it’ll provide a good accompaniment to a trip down memory lane.


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