Name: Rubus Maximus
Brewed By: Wild Beer Co / Beavertown collaboration
Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 5.7%
Country: UK
Web: /

Rubus Maximus (1)Every now and then a beer comes along that reminds you how diverse the brewing world really is. In a market seemingly full of pale ales and stouts it can be easy to succumb to beer fatigue, so it’s a good idea to give the taste buds a change of pace when you can. Rubus Maximus was my most recent holiday from the norm, a 5.7% fruit collab from two of the finest breweries in the country right now, Wild Beer Co and Beavertown. This is an exercise in what happens when you play with a ton of raspberries.

First up you need to get past that wax seal where a ruby red epic of a beer awaits, pouring it fizzes into a pink head. It looks stunning. On the nose a bouquet of raspberry supported by a deep oak,  it’s like being surrounded by mountains of these summer berries piled high in old wooden fruit crates. Go in for a sip and initial fizzing pockets of sweetness from the fruit give way to tart sour waves from the addition of an oak barrel full of Wild Beer Co’s ‘spontaneously fermented sour beer’. Despite the tartness waving away the initial pockets of sweet, the raspberry flavour carries throughout. An earthy, warming, toasted oak comes in to ease the tartness, initially in the background, it rises up to jostle with it for dominance in a dry finish. The further on you drink, the more each of the nine grains used leave an impression on the palate, giving the beer another layer to explore,  likewise the Long Pepper, boosting the juicy raspberries.

This is both a fun and sophisticated beer providing a refreshing change for the palate and in a 750ml bottle it’s great for sharing with friends on a summers evening. Get it whilst you can!



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