Open Day at the King’s Brew House

Saturday 20th saw a mass of local beer fans gather outside the home of King Beer for the annual shindig that is the King’s Open Day, an event to mark this season’s release of the award winning brews that are Kings Old Ale and Black Symphony, both of which were tasting on top form. Northern Lights was also tasting as good as ever, alongside other offerings of Green Bullet, Brighton Blonde and Lost Kingdom.

The warehouse was decked out, the bar set up, and jugs of Old Ale continually filling empty glasses. The entertainment, other than the beer, was provided by the brilliant Five Foot Two’s, a young swing/jazz band from Horsham. Food was also provided to soak up the ale: some beautiful, local sausages – Chorizo style and Garlic & Herb and they were pairing very well with the brews.

These guys got the atmosphere right too, the team were there to greet everyone and make you feel welcome. These kind of events are so important to the local micro-brews, in a town dominated by the big-boys (mostly Hall & Woodhouse) it’s not as easy as it should be to drink local beers in the local pubs. Opening up the brewery, running tours, providing free beer all day, it’s an excellent way to get the community together, but more importantly, to let them know that there’s more to the town’s beer selection than badger brews. This is local, craft beer, this is King Beer and the best kept secret in town may not be so secret these days, but all the better for it.

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Thanks to the team for a grand day. 

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