Sussex Silhouette: Tasting Notes

Back in October I was lucky enough to create my own beer with the team at Turners Brewery in Ringmer, East Sussex. I opted to brew a stout, called it Sussex Silhouette, had a whale of a time and wrote a blog post all about it.

What I didn’t have at the time of writing that post was any tasting notes because the beer was sitting comfortably, happily doing it’s thing in a fermentation tank.

Not any more.

I have beer…

sussex silhouette in glass


and I’ve tried to be unbiased, impartial and emotionally detached*  in order to bring you some tasting notes:


Sussex Silhouette (5% abv)

Appearance: Dark black showing the merest hint of ruby red at the base of the glass when held to the light. A delicate, off-white head soon dissipates into thin lacing.

Aroma: Earthy, layered with smoky espresso and wisps of dark fruit

Taste: A silky-smooth mouthfeel carries transient blackberry and currant notes upfront, quickly giving way to espresso, hazelnut and a wave of smoke. Dark, bitter chocolate comes into play above dry, roasted, biscuit malt tones. The after-taste is that of coffee and dark chocolate coco-pops with a lasting bitterness, light smoke and an alcoholic edge.

Pair with: cheese, venison, chocolate or berry tart, a chilly Sussex evening by an inglenook.



For trade enquiries please contact Turners by phone: 01273 921 418 / 07710 581042, email: or via their website:



*but not to toot my own trumpet, it is bloody lovely stuff indeed!



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