#12beersofxmas – Day 1

Putting up the Christmas tree is thirsty work! Untangling those pesky fairy lights and then realising that on getting out all the decorations that glitter has bloody well made itself at home absolutely everywhere. It’s worth it though, but there’s just one thing that’s off; my tree is a fake, a phoney, plastic. None of that festive scent of Norwegian Spruce around here…


Southwold Spruce IPA (1)


Adnams to the rescue!

Day 1 of the #12beersofxmas sees me crack open a Southwold Spruce IPA, 330ml, 6.5%, by Adnams for M&S.

Southwold Spruce IPA (2)

Pouring a deep, rich amber this spruced-up IPA provides an aroma of toffee, pineapple, a hint of spice and of course that softwood scent that my festive decs are so lacking.

Similar notes on the palate too, a chewy toffee malt backbone elevated by pineapple and tropical fruits whilst those resinous, pine characteristics weave throughout. It’s like wandering through a Nordic forest. With a pineapple.

Actually, I think the beer could be spruced-up further, turn it up to 11. But, a decent IPA and a great start to the festive beer season.

Pair with a faux Christmas tree and a turkey curry.


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