#12beersofxmas – Day 2

I’ve just trecked up a great, muddy hill and plonked myself down on a metal bench that is angled perfectly to look over the town nestled below; Horsham, West Sussex (my hometown).


Because not only does the 21st of December mark Day 2 of the Beer O’Clock Show‘s #12beersofxmas, it also happens to be the Winter Solstice. I try not to buy into the commercialism that is Christmas and the religious aspect is as important to me as a hole in the head, or a bottle of GK IPA for that matter, but the celebration of the season is something that I go in for and so a trek up a hill it was, for the setting of the sun. Candles were lit and, naturally, beer was consumed.

So, Day 2 of the #12beersofxmas sees me crack open a bottle of Naked Beer Co‘s porter, Indecent Exposure, 330ml at 4.5%

Indecent Exposure 2

I swig from the bottle having forgotten to pack a glass (rookie mistake). Even from the bottle, the aromas are full on and I can make out the heady scents of chocolate, plums, dates, licorice and delicate coffee. I reviewed this beer back in October, loving it and making sure to keep a bottle aside for this. The scents and flavours seem to have matured and developed in the few weeks that have passed. Each warming swig brings a silky wave of hazelnut-laced chocolate, candied orange and currants followed a bitter dry roast finish of coffee and smoke.

This beer is beautifully balanced too, unlike me as I slide around in the mud trying to make my way back down the hill, but the warming quality of this classic porter can still be felt and is absolutely welcomed as the darkness of the shortest day begins to set in…

Indecent Exposure 1




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