#12beersofxmas – Day 6 & 7


Belated seasons greetings to all, and a belated blog post to match. I got so caught up with family, turkey, sprouts, presents, board games, glittery n twinkly things, puddings, silly head-wear and Stilton, so much Stilton, that I just had to give the blogging a miss. In fact, when I cracked open yesterdays beer and paired it with my favourite cheese, (yup, Stilton) I pretty much left this earth, now I’m not religious but that pairing was bloody heavenly.

The beer I chose, along with many of #Team12Beers, was Beavertown’s Ger’onimo, a kick-ass 9% stout of epic proportions.


It was actually the only beer I supped on Christmas Day, choosing local sparkling white to see me through the morning and lunchtime sessions, but as secondary sprout fumes began to fill the air early evening and everyone got a second wind, the cheese board made an appearance and it was time for some Ger’onimo action.

As I popped the cap the enticing aromas of dark chocolate sauce got the taste buds going. It poured thick, almost treacle like, with a dark head reminiscent of a frothy chocolate milkshake or hot cocoa. I inhaled more of that dark chocolate sauce scent, picking up on the whiskey, and a sweet syrupy edge.


I took a sip. Cor and Blimey left my mouth. I passed it around for my family to try, Cor and Blimey were uttered on repeat.

It was smooth, with a mellow dark chocolate base, just like my mums home made chocolate sauce but then laced with maple syrup. It was rich and unctuous. Aged in Jamesons oak whiskey casks, the flavour took on an oaky warmth and the whiskey really made itself known. The more I drank, the more prominent the whiskey became, lending an edgy peaty-ness before being quelled by a deep roast malt finish.


It took me a while to get through this 330ml bottle because it was so complex, so boozy, so rich and edgy with the whiskey impression. It matched perfectly with the Stilton and it matched perfectly with Christmas Day.




It’s traditional for steam engines to make their way through town (Horsham) on Boxing Day, filling the air with the scent of smoky engine oil. I’m like an excited child when I see these beauties rolling past, tooting as they disappear under the bridge.


This year it served as a sweet reminder that I had a bottle of Beavertown’s Lord Smog Almighty waiting for me this evening; another boxed delight from the Beavertown crew that I’ve been stashing away for most of the year.


Imperial Lord Smog Almighty is a 330ml bottle of 11% imperial smoked porter aged in Glenlivet barrels from 1989. It pours just as dark as yesterdays Ger’onimo but with a much thinner head that dissipates pretty quickly.


The aromas are mostly all whiskey but with a sweet edge and a ribbon of smokiness wisping in. The palate is so much smoother than the Ger’onimo, the whiskey doesn’t seem quite so harsh, it is prominent but it’s working more harmoniously; weaving in and out; switching positions with sweet dates, cocoa, espresso, smoke and oak. Far more balanced than Ger’, but just as decadent and just as perfect for the season.


Why did I only buy 1 bottle?!