#12beersofxmas – Day 10

And so the excesses of the season continue…


I fancied a coffee, so I popped open a bottle of Gordon Street Coffee Glasgow Roast to accompany my maple bacon and pancakes. It’s a good job I have #12beersofxmas as an excuse.

This is a divine collaboration between Gordon Street Coffee and Drygate brewery, sitting under the limited edition Studio Brew umbrella. The swing top almost explodes with an impatient and loud pop with the contents immediately rushing from the bottle, the heady scent of espresso filling the kitchen. When I manage to get it into a glass it pours with a bold off-white froth and deep black body.


Now it’d be easy to suggest that it smells like coffee and, oh yes, it tastes like coffee. I know it’s the season to chill but that’d be taking my seasonal laziness a tad too far.


The roast coffee beans are a blend from Brazil, Guatamala and Kenya. Stick your nose in the glass and really breathe it in, look past the obvious coffee hits and you’ll pick out a dark fruity mince pie aroma – fitting considering that this is a beer chosen for #12beersofxmas. On the palate this beer is beautifully smooth. Initially it’s a bold shot of bitter espresso but as the beer warms it gets smoother and more balanced giving you waves of those fruity mince pie qualities, a touch of chocolate, some brown sugar sweetness and a hint of vanilla which all make this 6.6% beer an incredibly easy one to sup. I have a weakness for espresso stouts and this is a beautifully crafted example of the style.

Pair with a lazy Sunday brunch and a newspaper.

Big thanks to Drygate’s Bottle Master for this one. 

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