#12beersofxmas – Last Day

First up, huge kudos to Steve from The Beer O Clock Show for organising #12beersofxmas, it’s been a lot of fun joining in with it this year. Blogging (nearly) everyday has been a new thing for me and a bloody fun exercise. Cheers to everyone who’s read/liked/shared/retweeted my posts – it’s greatly appreciated!


I didn’t see 2014 out with a bang, instead it was more of a gentile affair; board games with friends, some music and some beers. I chose to see in the New Year with a bottle of Greenwich Ale, Barbados Rum Barrel Aged by Meantime for M&S.



It was one of quite a few barrel aged beers that I chose to drink for this series of #12beersofxmas, and whilst it didn’t quite match up to the strength or boldness of the others, it proved to be a good fit for the chilled vibe of the evening.

The presentation of the beer was very nice indeed; corked and caged, in a card tube with a metal lid. It certainly lent some gravitas to the beer. Popping the cork, the porter inside rushed to the party and I could immediately smell the rum from the barrel ageing.



This beer sits at 6% but drinks very smooth and light. An initial fizz upfront brings that rum impression forward, it’s the flavour characteristic that hits you first with a light oak and roast profile to back it up. A gentle chocolate follows with a fruitiness, pineapple,  smoothing over the palate before leaving behind a delicate yet assured roast.

Some would say that the rum hit could be bolder, that the beer could have more depth, that the finish is perhaps a little thin. But, this is a well balanced beer that gives you something a bit different from the norm without slapping you about the face.

Sometimes it’s the quiet ones that are best.

Happy New Year everyone!


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