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It doesn’t take much to get me excited about beer. When ‘spoons started importing Six Point cans, when my local Taylor Walker started serving kegged Punk and when Saison DuPont and Flying Dog found their way into a local free-house fridge, well, I jumped for joy on each occasion. It can be, at times, tough to get a good beer around these parts of Sussex, so no, it doesn’t take much to get me excited when it comes to beer.

When Siren released the line up for the Maiden anniversary party (dubbed The Festival of Wood) it would’ve taken a small army to hold me back from going, it was a veritable who’s who of brews on the bill. These weren’t just any beers though, these were (at the risk of sounding like a clichéd supermarket ad) exceptional, barrel aged, mostly limited edition, do a dance and leap for joy beers.

Image from Siren Craft Festival of Wood event page
Image from Siren Craft Festival of Wood event page

As far as Siren’s offerings are concerned the Maiden 2014 vintage was a complex beauty, smoother and sweeter than the last but with a real bite in the finish. Love of Work was a delicate yet defined blend of tea and hops, and Barrel Aged Salted Caramel Shattered Dream was a masterpiece.

The Festival of Wood demonstrated just how far the UK beer scene has come, whilst the likes of Mikkeller, To Ol and Cigar City brought their A-Game, it was the home-grown brewers that were killing it. This really is a Golden Age when it comes to British beer and, after sampling many delights at the Finchampstead site on Saturday, I’m inclined to believe that Siren are leading the pack in terms of range, innovation and quality.

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