REVIEW: Redwell Steam

I’ve never had a Redwell beer before now, although that’s not out of choice. I’ve become increasingly aware of the brewery lately, for many reasons, but the beers just don’t seem to make their way to my corner of the country. So this little number is my introduction to the world of Redwell beers and, as far as first impressions go, I’m impressed.


First up that can design is, quite simply, a looker. Stylish, quirky and cool, bold yet with subtleties, the can neatly represents the beer inside whilst easily and effortlessly commanding attention. It wants to be picked up and when you do you’ll notice all the little details that make the design one of the best cans on the market.

Once you’re done eyeing up that can and pour the contents of it you’ll be greeting a 4.8% dark amber Californian Common styled lager with a medium-thick off-white head that dissipates quickly to leave a good lacing around the glass. The aroma is tantalising- sticky fruits of pineapple, apricot, apple and citrus alongside a warming peppery spice.

The style makes for a smooth mouthfeel which washes the palate in a very clean tasting malt forward profile with a good fruity and citrus element in there also, bouncing off of those grains before a peppery finish and that crisp, distinctive lager malt character lingering in the after-taste.

This beer is fresh, refreshing and incredibly easy to drink. Just as Golden ales are the trad bridge to lager this is p’haps the lager equivalent providing the bridge back. Maybe it’s those Unicorn tears found on the ingredients list…


This beer was free to me (but I shall definitely be stocking up with a slab or two), however I didn’t let that affect my opinion. Thanks to Nate at Redwell for the sample.  

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