REVIEW: Redwell, West Coast Pale Ale


I don’t know about your corner of the world but here in my pocket of Sussex the majority of the winter thus far has been a gloomy affair. Grey looming clouds, darkness and  drizzle. It hasn’t been cold, it hasn’t been crisp and I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun. It’s not inspiring much.

Luckily I have a can of inspiration right here; West Coast Pale Ale from Redwell brewery.img_20151210_174814_5962.jpg.jpeg

It pours a vibrant bright straw-gold with a big frothy head that gives away aromas of citrus pith (lemon and lime), a touch of candy and a shy cream cracker note in the background. The palate is much the same with a smooth candy-like element playing upfront which is soon joined by a smattering of prickly lime zest. That cream cracker character of the malts that was shy in the aroma is more confident over the palate, underpinning those perfectly balanced hops.

The beer is more chilled and crisp than this unusually mild December, and whilst the sun may not be making an appearance any time soon, this beer has just transported me to the sunny West Coast, and it’s a journey I’ll be happy to take again and again.


Many thanks to Nate at Redwell for the sample, and whilst this beer was free to me I don’t believe that has affected my view. 

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