#12beersofxmas – Day 2


I figured a suitably seasonal brew should be acquired for this 12 bottle run, so with that in mind I chucked a bottle of Santa’s Private Reserve by Rogue in my basket. After a day of sprucing up the house and faffing about making decorations out of pine cones, twine and sodding delightful little jingle bells, I figured what better way to continue the festive spirit than by making this my Day 2 brew.

It’s all peppery orange sherbet, pine, a smattering of sultana and golden raisins over a rich toffee ‘n digestive biscuits malt profile. The pine element gets a bit soapy and a harsh bitterness develops as the beer warms. It’s not bad, it’s just not quite…well, last year I opened with Adnams Spruce beer from M&S and that was a league above.


Is this the beer jolly Saint Nick would session on his rounds? I’ll ask him when I see him next…hang on, is that the sound of jingle bells I hear? Yes it is, my delightful sodding jingle bell pine cone decorations have fallen down.



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