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#12beersofxmas – Days 5, 6 & 7

Triple hit this time around as I fell off of the bog post radar over the past three days, but as Nirvana say; nevermind. These three beers are all mighty, beautiful and inspired and so I think they’ll sit together well on this page.

Christmas Eve

Dark Island Reserve from Orkney Brewery, a Limited Edition bottle of Scotch Whisky cask aged Wee Heavy/ Scotch Ale, sitting at 10% abv. That pour is a rich liquid velvet, the head is dark and creamy, that aroma is a peat and cocoa medley. From the first sip I was instantly taken in by the deep and complex profile, like plunging into a sublime abyss of dark drinking chocolate, ground roast coffee and a peaty, oaken whisky. I didn’t want it to end.

Christmas Day

One of the most prominent beers to cause excitement among drinkers, I found this to be the perfect choice for the big day itself. Its grand standing in the beer world matching the grandeur of Christmas Day. It needs no introduction really, oozing class among fig and candied rhubarb in the aroma and then again on the palate joined by raisin, caramel, leather armchairs and tobacco. Creamy upfront, then a prickly, drying champagne-like finish.

Boxing Day 

Now, as I type this I’m full of Rum BA Liquid Confidential by To-Ol. Sitting at 12.2% it’s another stand-out beer fitting for the occasion, an Impy stout brewed with Ancho, Guajillo & Chipotle chilies and then aged in Rum Barrels. There’s a bold boozy aroma from that ageing process, rum notes weave above hits of treacle and cocoa. The palate hosts an initial treacle hit followed by cocoa, rum, oak, and a warming peppery trail. It’s bold for sure, but it’s balanced too.

Three days. Three beers. Three moments of magnificence.


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