#12beersofxmas – Day 10

Is it Tuesday today? Is it really Day 10 of this year’s 12 beer series? I’ve completely lost track. It’s been a fantastic run though, on a personal note I’ve tried some incredible beers (some of the best of the year for me) and I’ve really enjoyed reading what everyone else has been supping. Needless to say I’ve got a list as long as my arm of beers to look out for now, as well as an ongoing case of beer envy.

I’ve had a couple of less than average beers in my run though. Both from the same brewery; Rogue Ales. I went into this with quite high expectations from these beers, this brewery has a decent rep and I’ve previously enjoyed the brews from this outfit but Santa’s Private Reserve didn’t deliver on Day 2 and the Voodoo Doughnut Mango Astronaut Ale proved to be bottle label style over the bottle’s contents substance; it just didn’t quite get there in terms of flavour.


There’s no doubt a question of freshness here and I’m sure that it was lacking in that sense, it’s an imported beer after all, but the flavours just seemed to be confused. The aromas were a medley of juicy tropical fruits that seemed to promise so much. The flavours over the palate were more passion-fruit and that odd artificial fruit flavour you get from bubblegum than that of mango which I was expecting. It developed an earthy and herbal characteristic too which didn’t do anything to help its case.

This was my first try of a beer from the Voodoo series and whilst I was expecting more than was delivered I haven’t been dissuaded from trying some more and besides, full credit to that bottle artist, Pepto-Bismol pink has never looked so good.