#12beersofxmas – Day 9

So I’m still a day behind on blogging. Definitely getting tardy. I am a day ahead on drinking the beer though, handy, today feels like a double blog post kinda day.

So yesterday’s beer was Heavy Water from Beavertown, a brewery who are pretty much a benchmark for me in terms of quality and style comparisons. This sour cherry and sea salt infused impy stout was bought way back, I picked up two bottles; one to drink fresh, the other to save for this series and ageing this beer seems to have agreed with it.

The profile of the roasted malts seemed to come through much stronger and the syrupy fruitiness of the cherry had mellowed leaving a vinous, port-like quality. That sea salt was definitely still there, checking into the finish accompanied by a strong dark chocolate bitterness. All in all, it was just as epic as I remember it being.

It’s a good thing I’m ahead on the #12beersofxmas. I drank the Heavy Water yesterday lunchtime, kicking off an afternoon and long evening of steady imbibing. Consequently I’ve stayed well clear of any booze today, opting instead for the restorative qualities of perky espresso’s, comforting teas, and refreshing colas. Beer fatigue has definitely got to me!


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