GUEST POST: Beer Swap with Chris Norman – Round 2

The first county beer swap with beer reviewer Chris Norman, of the delightful Circlemaster Blog, was a success, so we thought we’d go in for round two. The same theme was followed whereby I sent Chris a Sussex beer and he sent me one from his home in Nottingham. This time around you can find my thoughts on the Nottingham brew over on Circlemaster, just as before, whilst Chris takes over Look at Brew for another guest post right here.


Choccywoccybrewha / Brighton Bier / 7%


Eyes: completely black
Nose: über-roasted malt / coffee / dark chocolate
Mouth: as above
Notes: some craft beers develop over the course of a drink – which makes for a interesting, almost organic experience like a living entity. Others display a sort of measured, crafted consistency, proudly displaying the care that was taken over them. Both are amazing experiences.
I’d say this decadent little can is one of the latter.
The main thing with this is how staggeringly smooth it is – velvet and cream rolled into one. There’s just the tiniest hint of sweetness (via candi sugar – a key ingredient in my adoration of strong Belgian ale) to offset the bitter, roasted chocolate and coffee notes. This is all about harmony and careful craft – it could have been messy or overbearing, but balance is everything and this is very well sorted out in that respect.