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I’ve gone down a different route for this edition of Little Looks, reviewing  a beer related gadget rather than a beer itself. Stop giving me dirty looks, this is a beer gadget, honest! I know it looks like something that might be promoted at an Ann Summers party but this actually lands firmly in the kitchen gadget camp, and it’s much cooler than your melon baller and novelty pizza slice.

So What Is It? 

To put it simply this is a magic sonic wand that froths your beer. Or, in the words of the That Thing company behind this ‘life hack’ gadgetry, it “revitalises your favourite craft beers by creating the perfect thick and full head using ultrasound” and is designed to work “on all beers crafted to be drank with foam – from lagers and pale ales to stouts and porters”. It requires a couple of AAA batteries, and then you simply dip it into your beer, press the touch activated power button and your beer will froth back to life by turning any bubbles already present in the brew into micro-bubbles that work themselves to the top of the glass and thus create a refreshed head. It’s lightweight, it’s easy to clean and it actually works…

I was a little sceptical at first, but since using the UltraBeer that scepticism has disappeared and I can see this being more than just a party piece or novelty gift. Mike & I used this on a home-brewed IPA and home-brews as well as lacklustre shop bought beers requiring a little more oomph can benefit from this, although a cask takeaway didn’t respond quite so well, I can only assume that the lack of carbonation in the beer to begin with was at play. This is clearly jumping on the bandwagon of all things craft but if you’ve got a gadget-mad mate that also happens to be a beer fan, or indeed if that person is you, then this should be on the gift list. Just maybe refrain from use in public, you could get some funny looks…

Disclosure: this item was sent to me for free from a representative of the company. I do not believe that has affected my opinion of the product.

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