LITTLE LOOKS- Lazy Lizard Beer Co, Primavera

Little Looks are the reviews of brews that may be new to the market, a local beer I want to shout about, or simply a classic revisited. 

For this edition of Little Looks, guest contributor Chris Norman gives us his opinion of Primavera, a beer from the Brighton based Lazy Lizard Beer co, one of the newer names on the Sussex scene and a firm ‘one to watch’. Check out more opinions of beer from Chris over at his brilliant Circlemaster blog. 




Primavera / Lazy Lizard / 4.6% (pale ale) 

Eyes: dark amber / orange
Nose: orange / grapefruit / lemon / ginger / biscuit
Mouth: as above / sherbet

Notes: A brewery I’d never heard of before – cheers Rach for the opportunity to try it! I often tend to steer away from pale ales, rather unfairly – especially if I’m out and about having something on draught. If the choice is there I’ll usually either go for something darker or something stronger / hoppier like an IPA, on the grounds that I perceive them to be more interesting or luxuriant. This is missing the point somewhat – not only are pales just as well crafted, they’re also generally intended to be refreshing and sessionable, not too demanding.

That said, this is one of the most complex pale ales I’ve ever had. It’s quite on the sweet side – with big notes of sherbet and digestive biscuit alongside all the usual citrus and fruit notes. The citrus in this is dialled back from my usual levels (I probably go for IPAs more than anything else) but mostly concentrated on orange and grapefruit, with a little hint of lemon in the finish.
Notwithstanding my comments above, this is a comparatively indulgent pale, suited to contemplation rather than mere refreshment. Very enjoyable.



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