The autumn sun shines with that golden glow that seems to only ever be present at this time of year, as the air fills with the mixed aromas of multiple street food vendors; smoke wafts past carrying a familiar scent of grilled meat, the sounds of local musicians provide a soundtrack to a weekend that seemingly brings together the whole district to celebrate local artisan produce. It can be only one thing; The Big Nibble; Horsham’s annual food fest. It’s a month-long programme of events which take place across Horsham and the surrounding villages in the district, a showcase that traditionally kicks off with a weekend centred around the food market. It always draws crowds, like a foodie pied piper with its fans trailing throughout the town centre taking in local food produce, demonstrations, beer trails and gin tastings among other things. It may not be to the scale of some of the recent food and drink extravaganzas seen in the UK this season but on reflection it has a lot in common with them. No matter the size of the event, the style, the product, brand or location these events bring people together; to celebrate, to showcase, to inspire, to share. Sure, a pig cheek taco, ultimate grilled cheese sarnie or award winning gins attract the crowds but at the heart of these festivities is the community, and that is arguably the biggest and best thing on show.

TOKENˈtəʊk(ə)n/ noun: a thing serving as a visible or tangible representation of a fact, quality, feeling, etc.

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