GUEST POST: Beer Swap with Chris Norman – Round Three

Back in March 2016 Chris of the ace Circle Master blog & Local Tryanuary Champion for Beeston in Nottingham sent me a bottle of beer from his home county in the first of what has become an ongoing bottle swap. Every so often he’ll send a Notts brew my way and a Sussex beer will head his way with subsequent reviews hitting each other’s blogs ‘guest post’ style. As we’re both Local Champions for Tryanuary 2018 we figured it’d be in the spirit of things to do another swap.


Uptown NEIPA / Arundel Brewery / 6.2% 


I’ve had enough NEIPAs now that a hazy (sometimes opaque), burnished orange-gold beer seems pretty normal to me now. They’ve become one of my favourite styles – somehow the good ones seem to taste fruitier than fruit. I find it hard to narrow down what flavours I’m experiencing, but common characteristics seem to include mango, nectarine, lime and an interesting sort of oaty finish. And not much bitterness. 

I’ve never experienced this particular Sussex brewery, but thanks to Rach I have a neat insider link to beers that would otherwise be awkward to obtain in my area! The branding is particularly attractive, especially on the “craft” can range, and as a result I’ve peeled Uptown’s label off to add to my “beautiful label” scrapbook. 

No surprises here. Beautiful orange-gold, slightly hazy but not opaque – just enough to be appetising. Usual aromas – citrus, mango, passionfruit, lime, and an additional sort of grassy thing that makes it seem a little more British. These flavours are all faithfully reproduced on tasting, along with that characteristic subtle oat-biscuit finish. It’s well balanced, well executed and thoroughly enjoyable. 

I still haven’t quite got my head around 440ml servings, but this didn’t ever seem like hard work, and I didn’t get bored of it by the end, so definitely a good sign! 

Having said that these would be an awkward beer to find in Nottingham, they do have an online store. Hmm…