Simplify. Life is complicated enough. Life is survival and that can get messy, but life is also about finding a balance; finding harmony; making the most of your time; enjoying life. Some people search for answers, others seek thrills. Often, I simplify. You can’t get a much simpler pleasure than a pint of cask beer. This is harmony, this is a small thrill. This, for the time it takes to drink it, is life.

Pubs aren’t just for special occasions, after work drinks in the evening, Sunday lunch or nightly drinking escapades. Pubs can be at their most wonderful in their off-peak hours when you can really drink-in all the details that you’d otherwise miss, the details which give these pubs their core character. It could be the details etched into the table tops; the sound of glassware as it’s repeatedly picked up and set back down with the most gentle of thuds; the sound of feet and maybe paws as they travel over flagstone flooring; the smallest of squeaks in the hinges of the kitchen door, the smell of oak, beer and flowers in vases as they’re warmed by the sun; the shadows and highlights which slowly switch much like the punters as they come and go. Any weight is only within that glass and with each sip it leaves only the faintest of traces in the lacing which clings inside where the beer once was.

It doesn’t have to be a pint. It could be a half. It could be a third. It could even be a soft drink, or a hot one, but


If you have the choice, use it, make the decision to take time out.








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