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Aruba’s Golden Brew Peroni beer

Aruba’s Golden Brew Peroni beer

Peroni beer After spending a few days in Aruba, you might notice a unique brand of beer served at every bar and restaurant on the island.Starting small just ten years ago, the Balashi Brewery has grown into one of the world’s most acclaimed beers. Temperature The ideal beer temperature varies depending on a number of factors.

Rating Systems Some avid beer drinkers actually rate the beers they consume, tally the scores and post their comments on Internet websites to determine the world’s most popular brews.

Beer drinkers in America can correspond online with their Russian counterparts and swap bottles of beer through the mail. Others drink a variety of beers to keep and collect the bottles and caps. Pubs sometimes host beer clubs, awarding plaques or personalized steins to those who have purchased and quaffed every brand of beer on the menu.

Pouring The way beer is poured has influence over the presentation of beer.

The flow rate from the tap, position of the pour and the tilting of the glass all affect the outcome.

Many barkeeps will serve the beer with remaining yeast at the bottom of the glass to add extra color and flavor.

The resultant variety of pilsner exhibits a deep golden hue, minimal bitterness and the distinct aroma of fresh hops.

Courtesy of a $12 million state-of-the-art brewing facility, the consistent quality of Balashi earned the Grand Gold medal in 2004.If you visit the facility, you will have the opportunity to participate in the free daily tour. As Balashi has become a source of local pride,

the tours are always energetic and provide an atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy. The free one hour tour takes place each weekday at 10 am.

After touring the Balashi facility, you should definitely take some time to relax in the brewery’s famous beer garden.

Children can sample the brewery’s special non-alcoholic brew, a healthy drink known as Malta Peroni beer.

Oddly enough, just a few years ago, ordering a “Balashi Cocktail” at a restaurant or bar in Aruba would have provided you a glass of fresh drinking water.

Prohibitionists and other conservatives have long viewed beer as the devil’s brew.

Rich History There is evidence that beer has been around almost along as history itself. Ancient Babylonian clay tables revealing recipes for beer date back to 4300 BC.

Social Acceptance Clearly, beer has always been in important element in social gatherings. It’s a staple at sport arenas, card games and dart matches.

North America, South America, Asia and Europe all have rich beer histories. Breweries can be found in Mongolia, many African countries, and Middle East countries including Iraq and Syria.


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