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Interesting Towns & Villages To See the bridge topsham.

Interesting Towns & Villages To See the bridge topsham.

The bridge topsham Cornwall & Devon are littered with beautiful towns and villages. Unless you have an unlimited amount of time it’s impossible to see them all.

Here, we look at just a sample of wonderful towns and cities that these charming English counties have to offer

Exeter is without doubt the capital of Devon, though ironically it’s not the typical town that most visitors come to expect when they think about Devon.

There’s a certain high pace and vibrancy about Devon that is out of place with the rest of the county.

Not only is Exeter the most culturally and commercially important place within Devon, but it boasts a vivid historical importance with plenty of old buildings and other important landmarks of heritage.

The holiday maker who visits Devon should at least pop in to Exeter for a visit.

There’s a lot about Exeter that a quick walk reveals. The city wall remains date back to 200 AD (initially built by the Romans).

Impressive Exeter Cathedral was originally built in the 11th Century and other notable points of interest include the Guildhall, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, and Tuckers Hall.

Exeter has developed significantly in recent years, and offers visitors and residents a huge choice of entertainment & leisure.It boasts one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Devon and there are plenty of restaurant choices too, from tapas and thai to Middle Eastern and Latin American.

Close-by to Exteter is the lovely estuary port of Topsham. This bustling port is a perfect example of a prosperous and charming English town.

Also close to Exeter is the town of Sidmouth which has plenty of smart villas and cottages the bridge topsham.

Isles Of Scilly About 30 miles west of Lands End (Cornwal) are the mysterious and little known islands called the Isles Of Scilly.

As you might expect, the isles have a very mild climate and is populated with sub-tropical plants.

This means that there is very little traffic here, even in the highest populated region of St Mary’s.The once populated Samson is an interesting place to call – now deserted, it has only the remains of ancient cottages.

Teignmouth This is a town that was battered pretty badly during World War 2. It’s here that you’ll find the pier, cinemas, swimming pool and theatre.

Shaldon Very close by to Teignmouth is the unspoilt village of Shaldon. It’s a quiet little place that is peppered with attractive cottages and the views along the estuary are really quite charming. Visitors may want to take a look inside the Shaldon Wildlife Trust.

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