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beer festival london 2014 Celebrating As A Community

beer festival london 2014 Celebrating As A Community

beer festival london 2014 showcase a community’s unique aspects and beliefs. Historically, religions hold a set of celebrations to give honor to their god or gods.

The term ‘feast’ in secular parlance means a large or elaborate meal. In connection to festival, it usually refers to a religious festival other that a film or art festival.

The term festival has been derived from the Middle English ‘fest’ and ‘festivus’ from Middle French.

The term feast has origins quite similar to festival. It has been derived from the Middle English ‘feste’ and ‘festa’ from Latin.

The purpose of festival in many types is to meet communities’ specific social needs and duties.

Apart from the entertainment that they bring, these community affairs provide a sense of belonging to members of religions, social or geographical groups.

Historically, a feast provided a means of developing unity among families and opportunities to find a partner or mate.

Festivals were times where the community elders would share stories and pass knowledge to the younger crowd.

Modern cultural and ethnic festivals now focus on dissemination of information about traditions among members.

Festivals have many religious origins. Others have some seasonal relevance or cultural significance.

Around the world, communities including some institutions, celebrate several festivals or fests.

Almabtrieb is a seasonal festival in the Alps which celebrates the return of the cattle from mountain pastures to the stables in autumn.

Feasts are determined by lunar cycles or Egyptian calendar. Modern times have expanded the types of festivals that communities celebrate.

Here are some common festivals that are predominant today: Beer Festival Join in a celebration near you and share in the foods, fun and traditions.

The name “Sam Adams” was fitting for the festival’s recreation of a revolutionary war scene, and the lager soared in popularity.Samuel Adams was born to a brewing family in Colonial America. He was raised in
Boston and had long been concerned with fairness and justice in government.

The Governor of Massachusetts, who was appointed by the Crown, fought the Adams family for their home and land beer festival london 2014.

Sufficiently fired up, Samuel became a populist leader. He served as a clerk in the
convincing other colonists of their right to fair representation.

He presented these ideas at democratic town meetings and sometimes led discussions over pints of lager at Boston taverns. His followers became the Country Party.

The Country Party became more active throughout the 1760s and 1770s as the British
government imposed additional taxes on the colonists. In 1773, they formed a subgroup –
the militant “Sons of Liberty” — and planned a resistance known as the Boston Tea Party.

The colonists objected to the British government’s arrangement with the East India
Company. The government would now permit the East India Company to supply tea to
retailers directly.

This made tea more expensive by tightening controls on tea smuggling, establishing the company’s tea monopoly, and eliminating colonial wholesalers. Samuel called upon the Sons of Liberty.

One December night in 1773, they disguised themselves as members of the Mohawk tribe and boarded several docked tea ships.They overturned the incoming tea shipment right into the Boston harbor. This famous “Boston Tea Party” ensured that colonists would not pay a tea tax!

Samuel wanted to expand his work for colonial justice beyond his hometown. In 1774 he
brought his case for independence to his cousin, John Adams, and a wealthy merchant
named John Hancock.

With their assistance, Samuel convened the Continental Congress, a meeting for representatives of various colonies to discuss their problems with the British Parliament.

Adams passed away in Boston at the age of 83, leaving a lifetime of freedom fights as his legacy.

Samuel Adam’s strong belief in independence and his ability to rally support for freedom
earned him the nickname “Father of the American Revolution”.

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