LITTLE LOOKS – Signature Brew, Treble IPA

Little Looks are the reviews of brews that may be new to me or to the market, a local beer I want to shout about, or simply a classic revisited.

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So Here We Are – Goose Island’s London Block Party.

Words: Rach Smith | Photos: Rach Smith I’m on the 12:49 London Bridge train out of Horsham, as sunny spells emerge through occasional cloud on this late September Saturday, I make my way toward Shoreditch. When asked what I was getting up to this weekend, the answer “going to a block party” was greeted by […]

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REVIEW: The Other Room

Last Thursday I found myself looking up at walls adorned with oil paintings that emanated something quite classical. The ceiling was high and the ornately framed artworks hung from a heritage coloured backdrop of slate blue-grey walls. I could’ve been in an art gallery, but no, the lighting was dimmed and the area small and […]

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