LITTLE LOOKS – Powder Keg Brewery 

Little Looks are the reviews of brews that may be new to me or to the market, a local beer I want to shout about, or simply a classic revisited. 

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REVIEW: Redwell Steam

I’ve never had a Redwell beer before now, although that’s not out of choice. I’ve become increasingly aware of the brewery lately, for many reasons, but the beers just don’t seem to make their way to my corner of the country. So this little number is my introduction to the world of Redwell beers and, […]

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Name: Montezuma’s Chocolate Lager Brewed By: Hogs Back Brewery Style: Lager ABV: 4.5% Country: UK Web: / Using flavours such as Geranium, Sesame and Salt & Lime in their chocolate bars, the innovative ways of West Sussex chocolate geniuses, Montezumas, make it easy to let the mind wander down the Roald Dahl route…Willy Wonker, a certain Chocolate Factory, […]

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