Boring Brown Bitter?

Cask beer sales, much like the sparrows, are in decline…

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Concept & Folklore: Wetting the Cuckoo

There’s an old Sussex quirk, plenty of old Sussex quirks in fact, but there’s one that caught my attention as I flipped the pages of my Sussex Miscellany; Cuckoo Ale. It states that as soon as you hear the first call of the season from the tenacious cuckoo, you must go to the nearest inn […]

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The Sussex Wassail

“Wassail!” “WASSAIL!” I missed it. I can’t believe that I bloody missed it. Earlier: We were listening to Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 2 “…good bunch of folk traditions happening around now, do drop us a line, get in touch if you’re doing any wassailing or plough plays…so here we go with Magpie Lane and […]

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