Sussex; A Tryanuary Snapshot Part 2

The Tryanuary momentum is still going strong, and with that momentum rolling I want to keep an eye firmly fixed on Sussex and give it another push, so following in the same vein as that first snapshot, here’s Part 2 of my Sussex Tryanuary Q&A’s:

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FEATURE: Bedlam in Sussex

Bedlam…Bedlam…wait. Bedlam! Of course! Awesome. That was (pretty much) my reaction to seeing the Sussex brewery in the line-up for Craft Beer Rising last month. Bedlam is a name I’ve been aware of for a little while now, and I’ve had the pleasure of drinking the beers on cask locally now and then, but this […]

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REVIEW: Craft Beer Rising 2015

Thursday 19th Feb 2015 Stepping off the train at Shoreditch High Street I made my way towards Brick Lane past graffiti laden walls, street food vendors, Pop-Up London Beer Week events and all manner of other ‘on trend’ people, places & things,Β I wondered, briefly, if this place is still considered cool or perhaps just a […]

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