The Pub. A Smile.

My mind has a habit of wandering and is often pulled in by the lure of a pint, a small table in the corner of the pub, a quiet spot in the off-peak hours and maybe a coaster or two wedged under a leg to stop a wobble…

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It’s easy to geek out about beers, or to go chasing the latest releases, the limited editions, the super fresh, the newly imported, the hyped up. It’s easy to get distracted too, to feel like you’re missing out if you don’t get those beers; it’s the collector mentality that’s in many of us, I’m sure, […]

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Procrastination and The Carnival

Procrastination was hanging over the afternoon like a thick blanket of cloud, smothering inclination. She looked outside and was greeted by a sky of grey, a thick blanket of cloud had also been fogging what could’ve been a fine March day. So there she was, stuck inside, hiding away from the gloomy late afternoon and […]

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